Business Blog Book Tour – Day 1

I want to welcome everyone to the first Business Blog Book Tour of 2005. I am changing the format a bit this year. You will find fewer stops with tour running five days. I thought there got to be some repetition in content when a tour went on for two weeks. You can let me know what you think after this week.

Kicking off our 2005 season is Robert Spector and his new book Category Killers: The Retail Revolution and its Impact on Consumer Culture. The book is about the rise of the big box stores. The book gives you history, strategy, and cultural implications of this retail phenomenon. I chose the book because of Robert. Our first phone conversation lasted an hour and he has been great to work with ever since.

Today, I am just going to introduce you to Robert and the book. You can see the schedule here for the other stops this week.

More later…

New Season of the Business Blog Book Tour

The first Business Blog Book Tour of 2005 is going to start on January 24th. We will be having Robert Spector and his new book Category Killers. You might know Robert from a little book he did called The Nordstrom Way. The schedule of stops are below:

We also have our February tour lined with with Wayne McVicker and his book Starting Something. More on that soon.

My year in review

This year has been great and so much has happpened.

When I started the year, I was working with my father. A month later, I decided that I needed to do something else. That something else started with staying home with my one year old.

That gave me some time to do things with this blog. The Business Blog Book Tour started in February. I held Brand Week and Finetuning later in the year. I also tried wikis with the BizBlog Directory Wiki.

I tried my hand my hand at distribution with the Kaospilots A-Z book. Fast Company reviewed the book and I stepped in to provide US distribution. I sold 40 copies of the $50 book. It was not a runaway success, but it was a great learning experience. What was better was getting the chance to visit Uffe and the school in September.

The BBBT led to an introduction with Jack Covert and 800-CEO-READ. We hit it off and started a blog to see what would happen. That led to another blog to run book excerpts. And that led to starting a podcast about business books.

On a sadder note, I lost my grandfather after a year of poor health.

We were able to travel quite a bit this year. We spent five weeks in Europe on two different trips. I spent a weekend in San Francisco after BlogOn. This last week I have been able to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.

Finally, I have met so many wonderful people this year. I would not even know where to start in listing everyone here. I think you all know who you are.

At the beginning of last year, I could have never predicted where I would be now. Some might say I didn’t plan very well. I don’t see it like that at all. I think I am going the right direction. I think it will be interesting how opportunity presents itself in 2005.

To an even better 2005!!!

Schedule for BBBT #5

Here is the schedule for the fifth Business Blog Book Tour with Al and Laura Ries:

Tour Stops

The permanent location for the schedule is here.

Business Blog Book Tour #4

I am proud to announce the next book for Business Blog Book Tour.

We will be featuring The Startup Garden by Tom Ehrenfeld. Prior BBBT participant Barry Moltz put me on to the book. I think it is a great all purpose guide for new business owners.

The tour start July 14th and runs for a week. For this tour, I have pulled together blogs specializing in writing about small business. Here is the schedule:

Here is the schedule:

I’ll get you some more details after the July 4th holiday.