I help business experts create books and develop businesses.


For business experts, books establish credibility and broaden reach better than any alternative.

If you have considered publishing a book, I can help make that a reality.

With all the flexibility that book publishing now affords, I work with authors in the way that is most appropriate for their project.

  • I can assemble a publishing team made up of editors, designers, printers and digital media experts to take the book from idea to marketplace through national distribution, international distribution and agenting foreign translation rights.
  • I can act as a literary agent and work to find the right commercial publisher for the project through my partnership with Fletcher and Company.
  • I can also act as developmental editor to give feedback on a manuscript that is in process or complete.

In the last fifteen years, I have accumulated a unique set of experiences and engaged in almost every role in book publishing.

  • I worked as the publisher of IT Revolution Press, which has sold over 500,000 copies of its books including The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook.
  • I worked as a president of leading business book retailer 800-CEO-READ.
  • As an author, I co-wrote The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, the leading title for business books to read. The book has sold 55,000 copies across three editions and been translated into 12 languages.
  • I have worked as a literary agent on books like Insanely Simple by Ken Segall and Monster Loyalty by Jackie Huba.
  • I worked in the foreign rights markets with publishers around the world as a literary scout helping them identify business books to publish for their local markets.
  • As a publishing innovator, I wrote a book for O’Reilly called Every Book Is A Startup. The project was released in a serial fashion with four releases over the course of a year. The price started low ($1.99) and gradually increased as new material was added. As an added incentive, readers at any point were entitled to all additional updates for free.

If I can help you get your book published, let’s talk.

Experts also need businesses to support their clients and sustain their work.

My work over the last fifteen years has been as much about entreprenuership as publishing books.

  • During my time at 800-CEO-READ, I worked in marketing, sales, and business development. We doubled the size of the business in six years, developed an local author event series with local partners, hosted a yearly event to educate authors, and established an awards program for business books.
  • In 2010, I moved to Portland, Ore. and created BizBookLab, a consultancy worked with authors and publishers.  I hosted workshops for authors, developed a literary scouting practice that recommended books for publishers in Spain, Germany, Brazil and Russia for translation, and worked with authors developing their ideas for publication.
  • In 2012, I started to work with Gene Kim. He was working on a manuscript of a novel for IT leaders. I put together a team to published, and at the launch, we just used Amazon and 800-CEO-READ to distribute print and digital copies.  The Phoenix Project has gone onto sell 400,000 copies and the follow-up The DevOps Handbook has sold 100,000 copies. I went to work for Gene as the General Manager of IT Revolution. In addition to publishing, we built a successful speaking practice for Gene and the DevOps Enterprise events series, with yearly events in Portland, London and San Francisco that attract over 2000 attendees, 150 speakers and fifty sponsor partners every year.

There are many different business models that work for business experts depending of areas of research, customer profile and platform reach.

I work with experts and authors to figure out the right models to match their work.

If you are ready to take the next step towards creating a book, creating a better business or both, let’s talk.

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