Business Blog Book Tour – Day 1

I want to welcome everyone to the first Business Blog Book Tour of 2005. I am changing the format a bit this year. You will find fewer stops with tour running five days. I thought there got to be some repetition in content when a tour went on for two weeks. You can let me know what you think after this week.

Kicking off our 2005 season is Robert Spector and his new book Category Killers: The Retail Revolution and its Impact on Consumer Culture. The book is about the rise of the big box stores. The book gives you history, strategy, and cultural implications of this retail phenomenon. I chose the book because of Robert. Our first phone conversation lasted an hour and he has been great to work with ever since.

Today, I am just going to introduce you to Robert and the book. You can see the schedule here for the other stops this week.

More later…

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