BBBT #7 underway

Rob at Businesspundit did a great job of getting things started with the Business Blog Book Tour. He wrote a glowing review of Starting Something (he says it is #2 on his greatest biz books list) and did a Q&A with Wayne.

I am a little uncertain about today’s stop. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow you’ll find Wayne hosting the 800-CEO-READ blog.

Citizen Marketers, Rise Up!

Have you seen the latest post from Jackie at Church of the Customer?

There’s a new breed of marketer taking shape these days: Citizen marketers.

Can I add to the list?

  • Jones Soda invites customers to submit photos for their labels. It creates a great partnership between the company and citizen marketers. If they don’t choose your photo, you can order your own Jones with the photo of your choice.
  • Jackie used Amazon’s photo submission option. I like ThinkGeek’s Action Shots better.
  • How about Howard Dean supporters running to Kinko’s, making fliers, and going door-to-door handing them out? And this was before anyone even knew who Dean was.
  • Might I say the Business Blog Book Tour is a form of Citizen Marketing?

Business Blog Book Tour #7

Next week, we are doing our seventh Business Blog Book Tour.

This tour we will be featuring a book called Starting Something: An Entrepreneur’s Tale of Control, Confrontation, and Corporate Culture by Wayne McVicker. Chances are you have never heard of the book. Wayne self-published the book and it is about the roller coaster ride he took with his company Neoforma.

I am not going to say anything more than when and where Wayne will be next week:

Back Home

I got back late last night for Seattle.

The trip was well worth it. As with most conferences, it was about the people. I missed the last couple of sessions, so I am interested in what people are saying. I almost stayed, but it would have required a flight change, another night in the hotel, and the complete loss of today.

The BBBT today is at Brand Autopsy. They like the book and as always pull together a great stop.

BBBT – Spector’s Bibliography

Robert has written 18 books. He is different than many of today’s business book authors. He is a writer and a journalist.

He is best know for The Nordstrom Way. He has also written a great book on Amazon.

Here is his bibliography:

Category Killers: The Retail Revolution and Its Impact on Consumer Culture

The Nordstrom Way: The Inside Story of America’s Number One Customer Service Company

Lessons From The Nordstrom Way: How Companies are Emulating the Number One Customer Service Company

The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence: A Handbook for Implementing Great Service in Your Organization (new from Wiley in February 2005) Get Big Fast: Inside the Revolutionary Business Model That Changed The World

Anytime, Anywhere: How the Best Bricks-and-Clicks Businesses are Delivering Seamless Service to Their Customers

Corporate Histories

The Space Needle: Symbol of Seattle

The Legend of Eddie Bauer

Shared Values: A History of Kimberly Clark

Family Trees: Simpson’s Centennial Story

On Course: Chevron’s Century at Sea

More Than a Store: Frederick & Nelson 1890 tp 1990

Banking Without Boundaries: A History of Security Pacific Bank of Washington

The Legend of Frango Chocolate

Seattle Fur Exchange: 100 Years

The Ale Master: The Story of Bert Grant (pioneer of America’s craft brewing industry)


John Sarich’s Food and Wine of the Pacific Northwest