In 2010, Seth Godin asked people to make a list of what they shipped. I did the exercise in 2010, 20122013,  20142015, 2016, and 2017. I have come to believe that this is a important exercise, especially for entrepreneuers to see what they have accomplished.

2018 felt like a reset year for me.

In April, I stepped out of my role at IT Revolution, something I had been involved with since 2013. It took me some time to get figure how to spend my time. Walking away from something that was a significant chunk of my life and professional identity made it feel like I didn’t accomplish much this year.

And then I started making this list and it proved yet again why it is such a good exercise.

What did I ship this year?

  • Published a completely updated version of Every Book Is A Startup.
  • Started a networking group for book publishing professionals in Portland. We met four times throughout the year.
  • Worked with three authors on their book projects.
  • Helped my wife Amy move into and open her new office for Silver Mountain Health.
  • I posted a series of 40-ish blog posts to test what it was like writing with that frequency again.
  • I started a podcast called Better Books and posted three episodes.
  • Signed the next author I’ll be publishing in 2019.
  • Walked 12.5 miles from my house to Dharma Rain Zen Center on an early morning to mark the opening of our Fall Ango training period.
  • I sat for my first week-long meditation retreat at Dharma Rain. I also sat for two other four day retreats.
  • Celebrated a company I helped start got sold to Google.

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