Barry’s Blog

Since this a Blog Book Tour, Todd asked me to give you my take on blogging.

I have come to love blogging. I have never been much to keep a diary except during especially difficult times in my life or when I was writing the book. But I wanted a way to share with visitors all of the people and ideas that I come in contact with as I travel around the country and talk to people about the book. It also is a good way to collect my ideas for the next book which incidently my wife wants me to call “Over My Wife’s Dead Body”. I wish I could get more people actively involved in my blog, but so far that has not been the reader I attract.

I think it is important for all entrepreneurs to reach out and share their ideas. Running your own business can be such a lonely place. Everyday you are riding the rollercoaster and you are trying to balance and focus on so many things. What I learned after doing 50 interviews with other entrepreneurs for the book was that we are not alone. Additionally, there are so many people out there willing to help if you just give them a chance!