Let the Tour Begin!

I am very excited to begin this Business Blog Book Tour. It is a very creative way to talk with people all around the world. With almost no marketing budget for my book, the internet and blogs are a perfect way to spread the word and ask for meaningful discussions on the ideas expressed in “You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business”. I want to hear people’s thoughts about my personal journey and the stories that are told of 20 other entreprenuers.

I wrote this book because I can’t help myself. I am an entrepreneurholic. I have been kicked out of business, gone out of business and sold a business. People in the late 1990’s got the wrong idea that you could write a business plan on Monday on a napkin and go public on Friday. They saw it as a get rich quick scheme. In fact, I have always hated those books that “give you 10 quick steps to success”. If you want to make alot of money in the next 5 years, go get a job. Most overnight business success stories take 10 to 20 years.

Start a business because you have a passion. Develop the resilience to ride the business rollercoaster up and down as you succeed and fail. Create a family and friend support structure that can help you during these times. When you succeed, celebrate your milestones. When you fail, wallow in it if you must but see if there is anything to learn and move on. Neither success or failure lasts forever. Remember you are not alone, the people around you will help transition you through all of these times. Depend on it.