Collected Thoughts on Pricing

I have written extensively about pricing over the years and it seemed like a good idea to pull all of that material into one place with current links.

Pricing Pictures

This is a 10 page visual essay on how pricing can be employed many ways and involves decision beyond how much something costs. This essay is heavy on models and frameworks.

Fixed to Flexible

This is a longer essay I wrote about pricing that pulls together a set of ideas that are still relevant. From the introduction:

“Fixed has been replaced with flexible. Control of a product category, distribution channel or branding message no longer exists. While this is being heralded as a boon for customers, companies have been slower to adapt to the new terrain. Companies with multi-national presence and individuals with multitudes of projects both need to create a new set of strategies.”

Interview with Phil Libin

After I published Fixed to Flexible, Phil Libin, then CEO of Evernote, reached out to me to correct a bit of my math. I took the opportunity to interview him and capture some of the current thought of the time around freemium tactics and startups.

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