In 2010, Seth Godin asked people to make a list of what they shipped. I have been doing this exercise each year since then. You can see my past #YearInReview posts here. Given how easy it is to feel like 2020 was a lost year, I feel an activity like this is more important than ever.

  • Wrote an article for Forge on Medium about the best habit books to kick off the year.
  • And a follow-up on this blog about keynote habits.
  • Took a full year of Japanese classes at my local community college.
  • I started a meditation group on Insight Timer for my Zen Center.
  • I collected a set of Buddhist writings and published a book called When We Make This Path Our Own. The print run was 10 copies. The book was created for a trip we planned to take in April and had to cancel.
  • Created Right Now with Joy Stauber.
  • Stepped into the role of publisher at Bard Press.
    • Took over daily operations of the 25 year old press.
    • Launched a new visual brand for the press.
    • Launched a new website.
  • Wrote four research reports on the state of business book publishing after the market shifted in March.
  • Created The Nature Preserve, a seven game campaign expansion for Wingspan, with my wife Amy.
  • Spent a week solo in a cabin on Mount Hood that restored my soul.
  • Read 28 books.
  • Wrote eight personal newsletters under the “I’ve Been Thinking…” banner.
  • I wrote two 3000 word papers for a class at my Zen Center. The first paper was on my experience with engaging in Rinzai Zen practices. The second paper was on my experiences with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
  • I wrote a 2020 Best of Business Books essay for Marker at Medium, using a meta-analysis of the seven lists from media and retail outlets.

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