The Nature Preserve – An Unofficial Game Campaign for Wingspan

Welcome to the landing page for The Nature Preserve!

The Nature Preserve is an unofficial game campaign for Wingspan Board Game. The campaign has a series of seven interconnected games. Each game has a set of conditions that makes the gameplay unique from the standard rules for Wingspan, and in some cases, actions from one game can affect subsequent games.

Or click here to download the instructions.

On this page, you can find all the information you need to play and download instructions for The Nature Preserve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to play?

To play The Nature Preserve, you need:

  • The original base edition of Wingspan (the European Expansion works as well).
  • A campaign scoresheet for each player, which can be found on page 3 of the instruction booklet.

Where can I buy Wingspan?

We believe you should buy your copy from Stonemaier Games. They ship globally! You can also find it at many other retailers.

What is a game campaign?

A game campaign is a series of games designed to be played in sequence toward an end goal.

Each game has a set of conditions that makes the gameplay unique from the standard rules for Wingspan, and in some cases, actions from one game can affect subsequent games.

Is The Nature Preserve a legacy campaign?

The Nature Preserve is not a legacy campaign. In most legacy games, components are permanently altered to signify changes in rules or gameplay. With The Nature Preserve, you can continue to use your Wingspan base game and any expansions after playing any part or all of The Nature Preserve campaign.

How does this campaign work?

The Nature Preserve is designed to be played as a campaign of seven consecutive games.

You will always start with using the standard rules for Wingspan involving birds, food, and eggs. If there is ever a question about gameplay, you should always use Wingspan’s standard rule set.

For each game, you will get a short description and a set of modifying instructions for that game. Read those instructions carefully and set up the modifications in the order they are listed. This will help with clarity and continuity of gameplay.

How do you win?

Players accumulate campaign points through four methods:

  1. Games Won: Each win earns a player 10 points.
  2. Total Birds Played: This is a new metric for The Nature reserve. At the end of each game, count the number of birds, including your anchor bird, and record them on the scoresheet. The player with most birds played at the end of the campaign earns 10 points.
  3. Total Eggs Played: The player with the most eggs played for the campaign earns 10 points.
  4. Final Game Bonus: Each player that fills their entire habitat with the maximum of 15 birds in the final game earns 10 points.

In the event of a tie, total points earned in the campaign serves as the tie-breaker.

Does The Nature Preserve work with the one-player automa version of Wingspan?

We designed the campaign with two or more players in mind. There are some playtesters who have modified the instructions to work with the automa mode. My guess is that more work is needed to make the campaign work well with automa. If you have ideas, please reach out to us. We would love to include that. We know there are lots of single players out there!

What do I do if I am not sure about the rules in one of the games?

When in doubt, our recommendation is to always use the standard rules in Wingspan.

Who created The Nature Preserve?

The campaign was created by the husband and wife team of Todd Sattersten and Amy Buckley.

How did you come up with the idea for The Nature Preserve?

Thanks for asking. I wrote a whole essay about that here.

What is The Nature Preserve like?

Well, we don’t want to say too much. Part of the enjoyment of the campaign is the surprises that each game offers. From the feedback from our testers, I can tell you that if you enjoy Wingspan, you will really enjoy The Nature Preserve.

Does The Nature Preserve work with the Wingspan expansions?

The campaign works with the orginal base game and European expansion. We have even incorporated some of the items from the European expansion into the game. And don’t worry, you do not need the European expansion to play The Nature Preserve.

And we haven’t seen the Oceania expansion, but a little birdy told us The Nature Preserve should work fine with the new expansion.

What if I have other questions about The Nature Preserve?

We recommend the following:

  1. Read the game rules again. The answer is probably in there.
  2. Post your question to the Wingspan Facebook group. Tag Todd Sattersten in the post and we will be happy to help. I am sure, others will too.
  3. Make up your own rules. It’s fine. It’s just a game 🙂

Or click here to download the instructions.

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