Publishing Humor

There have been some great comedy written this year at the expense of the book publishing. Highlighting these seemed like a nice way to coast through the holiday week.

#1 – My favorite was The Simpsons skewering of YA publishing in the episode The Book Job. The Ocean Eleven motif with Neil Gaiman as crew gopher is brilliant. Homer’s one liners are incredible and Lisa’s struggles writing her book will look painfully familiar to anyone who trying to put words together.

#2 – Lisa Kudrow has a web series called Web Therapy. She stars as a therapist helping people remotely using webcams. At the beginning of Season 4, Kudrow’s character Fiona Wallis is writing a book and she talks interacts with her publisher Maxine DeMaine (played by Rosie O’Donnell). Some of the hidden whys and hows of books comes through nicely in the arc.

Web Therapy Season 4 Episode 1 – Morals to the Max
Web Therapy Season 4 Episode 2 – I Heart New York
Web Therapy Season 4 Episode 3 – Tokens of Affection
Web Therapy Season 4 Episode 4 – Publishers Cleaning House

(Note: the links next to the videos on their site are messed up and take you to the wrong episodes.)

#3 – My final choice comes from xkcd and his strip titled Major In The Universe.

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