Turning 40

Today is my 40th birthday.

At first, the day struck me as important; a milestone reached. The weight of the stone felt heavy.

Then I thought we choose upon which we place importance. Today is another day, one to that deserves the same respect as yesterday and tomorrow.

I felt the weight lifted.

2 thoughts on “Turning 40

  1. Congratulations on another day!

    Past 40, you need to invest time in your physical state. Other than that, life has nothing to do with age.


  2. Happy (belated) 40th birthday Todd!!

    (You interviewed me about my book The Escher Cycle back in probably 2005. I see that 800-CEO-read now describes it as ‘groundbreaking’ — thank you.
    After the interview I said I’d get back to you on progress, but felt guilty because I never did. Till now. Progress was slow and I think your comment on this site has it right: “Every new book is a startup”. Having great content alone is not enough, you need marketing. And for a book that means connections and established brand presence.)
    PS40 is fine — I’ll be 50 next year.

    Best regards,
    Finn Jackson

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