Big Thinkers in HP Campaign

I ran across an HP ad on Business Insider that connected with me.

The company gathered a set of big thinkers to talk about big ideas. The videos are produced by Big Think.

When you click on the ad you are taken to HP’s Input | Output site. This is where it gets a little weird

I can’t figure out what the point of this speciality site inside of HP. The urls look weird ( The disclaimer in the sidebar reads “HP does not endorse this content and is not responsible for its accuracy, availability and quality.” If the company won’t take responsibility, this doesn’t create confidence for the reader.

What’s worse is the production values of the videos are on the weak. Fried’s video is dark. The audio track is out of sync on Battelle’s video.

I like the content, but if you listen to Battelle’s video, this whole experience is certainly “a fish with feet” feel. It needs to evolve on many fronts.

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