A Summer Business Booke Sale

My two sons have been asking me all summer how they might earn some money. I didn’t have any really good ideas from them (they are 8 and 5) until my wife decide to move into her office into mine.

We suddenly needed more floorspace; floorspace covered in piles of books. A quick trip to IKEA for two bookcases got us part of the way there, but there was still too many books to move in her desk.

So, I got serious about what books I needed to hang to and the rest were transported to the garage by my young helpers.

With over 250 books now available, my sons are holding a Summer Business Booke Sale.

For $12, you will get the following:

  • One Grade A business bestseller or award winner
  • One solid business title with lessons for anyone willing to read
  • One recent pre-release galley that is more than worthy of your time
  • One hand drawn invention by our resident eight year old scientist
  • One thank you note from the five year old customer service representative
  • And specify a category (like leadership or marketing) and we’ll do our best to create a bundle

This is a great deal. For the cost of a discounted paperback, my young entrepreneurs will pack and ship three great business books to your doorstep.

You can do the math and figure out that the two boys are not going to get rich from this scheme. I hope you’ll think of the business booke sale as an their online summer lemonade stand.

If you would like to get your own Summer Business Booke Box, you click on the PayPal link below:

Thanks for your consideration!


Zach, Ethan, (and Alexa)

4 thoughts on “A Summer Business Booke Sale

  1. What a great looking group. All are looking tooooo grown up. Can’t wait to see them in Oct.(wish it were sooner)  Love, Grandma B

  2. Hello, just arrived via Nicholas Bate’s referral. Are you still selling, and are you posting to Sydney, Australia? 🙂 Thanks. 

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