The Magic of Print on Demand

Yesterday morning at 10:17am, I walked into the Portland State University bookstore.

With me on a thumb drive were the files for the cover and book block to my Everything I Know About Business Books project.

In less than ten minutes, I was holding in my hands the newest version of the project.

The 192 page book cost me $8.71.

As much excitement as there is about electronic devices, we should be saving some of our enthusiasm for the marvels of print on demand. Companies like Lulu, MagCloud and Newspaper Club are giving creators a whole set of capabilities.

I know we have been talking about these sorts of things for a long time, but they are now here, very simple to use, and cheap. That combination is going to make them very disruptive.

P.S. And kudos to Martin at Odin Ink, inside the PSU bookstore. He was great to work with.

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