The Idea Arena Podcast – The Mesh by Lisa Gansky


In this interview, I talk with Lisa Gansky, author of The Mesh: Why The Future of Business Is Sharing.

Lisa has been involved with the Web for almost as long as the Web has been in existence and her new book talks about how we are moving from using the Internet for sharing bits to sharing atoms. 

What characterizes a Mesh business?

  1. The core offering is something that can be shared, within a community, market, or value chain, including products, services, and raw materials.
  2. Advanced Web and mobile data networks are used to track good aggregate usage, customer, and product information.
  3. The focus is on sharable physical goods, including the materials used, which makes local delivery of services or goods–and their recovery–valuable and relevant.
  4. Offers, news, and recommendations are transmitted largely through word of mouth, augmented by social network services.

The Mesh Interview with Lisa Gansky


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