What Do You Do?

I have been getting that question a lot lately, mainly because of all the new people I am meeting with our move to Portland.

The trouble now is that I am finding people that I known for some time asking the same question.

So, here the answer: I am an expert on business book publishing.

For anyone who reads business books, I can often recommendations.

For business book authors and those who would like to become business book authors, I can help in a number of ways.

  • Subscribe to this blog via email or RSS. I am writing about business books and the industry constantly and I am going to start writing more about what success in business book publishing looks like.
  • I work with thought leaders directly on book proposal development and when appropriate act as the agent on those proposals. You can contact me here if you would like to talk more.
  • In December, I will be holding an two-day event in Portland called The Business Book Buffet, where we will cover a smorgasbord of topics that relate to the life of a successful business book author. I will be publishing more formal details in September, but if you are interested now, drop me a note.

For publishers outside the U.S., I have started a literary scouting service devoted to the genre of business books. I am working with Planeta Grupo in Spain and ArtMed in Brazil, and would love to work with other publishers to improve their acquisitions process. You can contact me here.

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