Name Change at Marquette

The talk in Milwaukee this week has been the decision by Marquette University to change its mascot name again.

The team will now be know is the Marquette Gold.


In 1993, the administration changed the name from Warriors to the Golden Eagles. For the past 11 years, this has been a cloud hanging over the university. Alumni have never really accepted the change. Last year, a board trustee offered the university one million dollars to change the name back to Warriors. The university declined but it reopened the name debate.

To try and close the name debate once and for all, the board voted unanimously to ditch the Warriors name and instead proposed a new name. GOLD!?

Here is some local coverage:

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I graduated with my MBA from Marquette in 2002. This is the letter I sent the school today with my alumni reaction:

To Whom It May Concern:

I think the decision to change the name of the mascot to “Gold” was a terrible decision. It is clear there was either no forethought to this decision or there was arrogance on the part of the administration that the university community would blindly accept this change.

Creating a third option and announcing it immediately following the board vote did not resolve the emotion surrounding this issue. The board had to offer a new option or else you would have heard loud and clear that the community wanted a return to the Warriors name. I find it very interesting that the survey results were never shared with the public.

I think you have made Marquette University the butt of a joke and I am embarrassed to be an alumni of the University.

This is not something that is going to just blow over.

My wife recently organized the donation of 1.5 million dollars of computer equipment to the university. Do not expect our family to go out of our way for Marquette University in the future.

Please remove us from all alumni communications from the university. Feel free to contact us when the name is changed. At the rate they change, I guess that will be in about 11 years.

4 thoughts on “Name Change at Marquette

  1. you people at marquette are all losers and should be the butt of national jokes. what the hell is so bad about golden eagles? warriors offended people, so they changed it. DEAL. damn crybabies, you just got into the big east, stop your damn whining.

  2. Andrew- who is the real loser here? Why are you even visiting a sight regarding the Marquette name change if you already have all the information you need. Go fuck yourself.

  3. I think the name “YEOMEN” would cover all the
    elements that Marquette University is so very
    proud of extolling. The mascot should be a Robin
    Hood image with an extended Bow and Arrow (side

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