Carnival of the Capitalists

Welcome to the Carnival of the Capitalists. I hosted the COTC back in December 2003 and a lot has changed in the world of blogging. There are so many more people writing great stuff on business and economics.

My weekly reading of the COTC had waned in recent months, but after reading through all of the entries submitted this week, I am all charged up again about the great stuff people have submitted. To show my support for the COTC, I will start including a link to the traveling COTC in my BizLinkBlog (RSS). This will give you an easy way to keep track of where it is each week.

My format this week will be in the form of a FAQ. I took the entries and created questions. The questions will direct you to the associated entries. My thought behind this is that everyone is always struggling with problems and opportunities in their own work and business. These linked entries are clearly not the definitive answers to the question, but they may give you another viewpoint you hadn’t considered.

Which is bigger: Ad Dollars Spent on Outdoor Advertising or Online?

Should I Be Worried About Energy Prices in the Long Term?

Can Hedge Funds Manipulate A Merger?
Can Earnings Growth Forecast the Market?
Is There a Better Way to Measure GDP Growth?

Human Resources
Will The Use of Robots in the Workplace Be Possible in The Next Ten Years?
What Keeps Us Where We Work?
Why Don’t Traders and Ranchers Respect One Another?

Can laws inhibit my ability to do business, even charity work in the community?
Could Private Certification Work Better For Drugs?

What Leadership Lessons Can We Learn From Alexander The Great?
What Do Herb Gardens Have To Do With Organizational Structure?
How Can Five Minutes Each Day Change Your Organization?
Are Teams Best Led By One Person or All the People?
Why Is Corporate Change Hard And Failure Almost Inevitable?
Is Employee Training Worth The Money You Spend?

What should I name my new company?
Is Blogging Reached Saturation? How Can I Stay Unique?
Does Your Website Work?
Are Blogs A Part of Your Marketing Plan?
What does a shoeshop owner do when two of his competitor’s open shop next to his?
How Do You Make a Woman Smile?
Is Business Blogging All It Is Cracked Up to Be?

Personal Development

Does Acceptance of Failure End Creativity?

Personal Finance
Are You Afraid To Sell Your Home?
How Cheap Are Stock Right Now?
What Would Social Security Personal Accounts Look Like?

Project Management
How Can A Company’s Board of Directors Affect the Outcome of Your Consulting Project?

How Important Is Sales to Entrepreneurship?

What Can Yoga Studios Teach Us About Marketplace Dynamics?
Are You Detail Oriented?
What Does Centralization Do To Innovation?

Why Do Companies Like Open Source Software?
Why Doesn’t Bill Gates Get Mobile?

There were some entries I couldn’t work into my cute little format. I simply listed them below with their titles:
Wal-Mart Bows to Unions, Copies GM Success Formula
Linkin Park protests Warner Music’s upcoming IPO
Criticism of the Peace Tax Fund Bill
The Basics of Press Releases
Canada Wooing Mexicans
Taxes good, market bad
Grading, game theory, and group evaluations..
Morningstar’s Auction IPO
Solutions to Bad Taxes
Mobile Blogging
Viva Immigration

I am going to end with breaking news this morning from the guys at Wordlab on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Name Change.

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