The Business of Books

If a business book sells 10,000 copies, it is considered a success. It is very rare for a business book to have blockbuster success like a Da Vinci Code or the latest Harry Potter. One exception is Good to Great by Jim Collins having sold over 1,000,000 copies.

I found that out recently and it really surprised me. I am not sure why. I guess I looked at my bookshelf and saw an awful lot of business books.

I have decided that Rob, Jon, and I are single-handedly supporting business book publishing in America.

6 thoughts on “The Business of Books

  1. Todd,

    So, the “market” for a home Card Catalog would be small? 😉

    Cause I’ve been thinking I need one. Can I put you down for one? Will you become an evangelist for it? Perhaps tell Rob how great it is?

    Seriously, that number is pretty surprising.


  2. I’m surprised too. There are some great books out there. Too many times the popular ones are full of too much BS. Jon, put me down for one card catalog too. I’ve accumulated too much. My wife gives me the evil eye everytime the UPS guy rings the doorbell, and she won’t let me go to Barnes and Noble.

  3. LOL!!!

    Do you read too much? Take this quiz:

    1.) Do you know the UPS driver by name?

    2.) Do the sales clerks at the bookstore know your name?

    3.) Does Jeff Bezos send you a Birthday card?

    4.) Do other customers at the bookstore ask you for help finding something?

    5.) Do you know what days the bookstore gets a new shipment?

    6.) Has your spouse ever bought you a reading light?

    7.) Have you ever considered getting a card catalog for your house? Doh!

    8.) Do you peek at the books other people are buying?

    9.) Do you have a collection of bookmarks?

    10.) Do you offer to go to the grocery store just so you can stop by the bookstore?

    11.) Have you considered working at a bookstore, just for the discount?

    12.) Do you always choose ‘Next Day’ shipping?

    Actually, my wife has an addiction to Venti Double Caramel Lattes so she is always happy to stop at Borders (that have a cafe) or the local B & N (they have a Starbucks). There is something in it for her! An alignment of interests if you will.

    Rob, considered it ordered. Thank you! I’m on chapter 3 of ‘L, L & H’ – it is great so far!

  4. Number 8 is my worst problem. I always look at what other people are buying and tell them what I think if I’ve read it. When I go to someone’s house, I always look at their books. Usually, there is just some stuff from college or a few really old books. I am always surprised that people never look at mine. I have a few really provocative titles out, and they still don’t catch anyone’s attention. By the way, we aren’t the only ones. Jennifer Rice and Barry Ritholtz both seem to read a lot too from what I can tell.

    I worry what will happen when I have kids though…

  5. Yeah, there are a couple of people I know that read a lot, John Moore (Brand Autopsy) is another example.

    What I want is to be able to have an online reading club where each member can post their books, and the other members can request the ones the members are willing to share. So, when I’m done with a book, you can request it and I’ll send it to you and vice versa. We could save a ton of money. In addition to that, we could have discussion groups about the books. That would be interesting. Perhaps even segment groups by category; Marketing, Strategy, Economics, Etc.

    One other advantage would be that if a member of the group read something and didn’t like it, they could warn the others. Perhaps this could be even more detailed – members would voluteer to read a book and post a summary of the book as well as a rating, 1 (ignore) – 5 (must read). My decision to read it would be based on the history of that members other ratings.

    I’m probably not explaining this correctly. I guess it would be a book readers community.

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