Connections People Make

I don’t think marketers fully consider the connections people are going to make with elements in their campaigns. I felt this way about Norwest Airlines using NWA in their advertising.

My latest gripe is MCI using the voice of Kiefer Sutherland in their commercials. Sutherland recently did a little movie called Phone Booth. For 80 of the 81 minute movie, we only hear his voice.

Celebrity voices have become common in commercials. I often find myself trying to figure out whose voice I just heard. In the MCI commercial, they have Sutherland use a deliberate and paced rhythm in the narrative.

I think it sounds too similar to the movie. Let me say it doesn’t leave a positive impression. I actually get a little freaked out hearing the voice of a sniper trying to sell me a comprehensive phone package.

3 thoughts on “Connections People Make

  1. I got chills for the first few days after seeing Phone Booth, whenever a MCI commercial came on. I never made the connection about Keifer, until after I saw the movie.

    I don’t think that fright is one of those things you want associated with your brand.

  2. I could listen to Keifer talk about anything. Of course I’m not actually paying any attention to the words, just the sound of that voice……………then I get a little distracted.

  3. Voices in latest MCI commercials, I think one is Wayne Newton, but, I can not idetify the other voice.

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