I just wanted to give another pull for the best business publication – The Wall Street Journal. I have spoken their praises in the past. Yesterday’s edition is a perfect example of why I subscribe.

All the WSJ links require a subscription. Spend the $79 and at least get access to the online edition. The print edition is $199 for 52 weeks.

TLC only gets better

I would say if the television is on in our house that there is an 80% it will be tuned to TLC.

It sounds like they are only getting better. This fall, one of their new programs is called Taking Care of Business. This from the press release:

A new TLC series hopes to move small businesses from “in the red” to “in the money.” TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, a new thirteen-episode series on TLC, tackles small business troubles in a big way, and sends a team of gurus — equipped with fresh ideas and plenty of inspiration — to identify problems, turn things around and help businesses live up to their best potential, and let their owners realize their dreams. Together, the “dream team” examines all aspects, from location and product offering to marketing and customer service. They present concrete ideas to help businesses be their best.

[via Radio Marketing Nexus]

P.S. Doug from Trading Spaces also has a new show coming out this fall. They are looking for victims..I mean homeowners.

On Target

I want to give a recommendation out to Bullseye, a CNBC program that runs from 6pm to 7pmET. It is hosted by Dylan Ratigan, who gives the program a distinct personality. I think he asks great questions and gets to the point quickly with his interviews.

The segments are also unique. To give you a flavor, some pieces I have seen recently are a professor talking about Wi-Fi for farming, an interview with Tom Wilson (president and CEO of Palace Sports and Entertainment, owners of the championship Detroit Pistons and Tampa Bay Lightning), and a test drive of the Cooper Mini in their parking lot. The mix is eclectic and interesting.

Some night next week, when you are tired of the network talking heads, switch over to Bullseye and give it a look.

April’s Fast Company

There is a lot of good stuff in April’s FC.

The highlights for me:

  • Jeff Immelt’s leadership tips sharing the front cover with the Faces of Outsourcing.
  • Jena McGregor does a piece on business and blogging. A lot of the normal observations and conclusions, but some new stories of how businesses are using blogs.
  • Jim Collins proposes a business equivalent to The Fellowship of the Rings. It is the story of IBM told in The Maverick and His Machine, Father, Son, & Company, and Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance.

I also noticed Amazon had a special sale on the hardcover of Elephants Can’t Dance. It’s $6.99 and they say quantities are limited.

Learning Business on TV

There is also an article in March’s Inc. titled Getting An MBA Via Tivo. If you have the current issue, you can find it on page 34.

The article is a series of snippets about different shows and business problems their characters are facing. They then interviewed a real life experts that offered advice. On Six Feet Under, an employee with an ownership stake is headed for divorce. On Miss Match, a divorce lawyer mixes her matchmaking business with defense of her clients. On The OC, a developer is sued by environmentalists over a potential site.

Again, I am not sure I am going to be looking to television for business advice.

Learning from Trump?

I think I have given up on The Apprentice. When it started, I was trying to pull business lessons out of each episode. After the third week, I was finding it almost impossible. Businesspundit also had higher hopes for the show.

Consider this week. The teams had to sell Donald’s new product – “Trump Ice”. One team beat the other and Ereka got fired. They showed some of the selling, but it was edited to create the proper tension. What could you really learn from the teams?

I think there is a segment of reality television that plays to a viewer’s interest in learning. Trading Spaces, What Not to Wear, and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy all have that component. I think the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel also has it.

I wanted to learn something from The Apprentice. I guess I’ll go buy Trump’s book instead.

The Apprentice Catch-up

I finally caught up this morning on the three episodes of NBC’s The Apprentice that I missed.

Here is a quick summary and my thoughts:

  • Donald has the teams selling at the flea market, putting together celebrity packages for a charity auction, and renting Brooklyn apartments.
  • Kristi, Jessie, and Tammi were all weak based on their performances. I think it starts to get interesting now.
  • How do you lose $200?
  • Could the show be any more about Trump?
  • I have the same problem as Jeremy. I can’t apply to Apprentice 2. My wife works for GE, NBC’s parent company.
  • My wife and I think the show should be longer in length, so you can get a better sense of what is happening during these competitions. The way they edit the shows is starting to annoy us.
  • We are going to keep watching 🙂