WSJ on Blogging

Thomas Weber is filling in for Walt Mossberg on the WSJ Personal Technology Column. Today Weber wrote a column on blogs and RSS readers. The two interesting things for me are:

  1. The story is available to everyone. Cool. Maybe WSJ is starting to get it
  2. Weber listed a series of blogs at the end of the article, but no business blogs. How is this possible? (The email is already sent).

3 thoughts on “WSJ on Blogging

  1. I’ll second their recommendation of Bloglines. I’ve been using it for a few months and it works very nicely. Of course I have A Penny For in my list!

  2. Mind boggling – economics is as close as they got to their core. The WSJ audience is definitely not Boing Boing’s target!! I think WSJ just fell in the trap of listing the most popular blogs – not necessarily the most relevant to their readership.

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