TLC only gets better

I would say if the television is on in our house that there is an 80% it will be tuned to TLC.

It sounds like they are only getting better. This fall, one of their new programs is called Taking Care of Business. This from the press release:

A new TLC series hopes to move small businesses from “in the red” to “in the money.” TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, a new thirteen-episode series on TLC, tackles small business troubles in a big way, and sends a team of gurus — equipped with fresh ideas and plenty of inspiration — to identify problems, turn things around and help businesses live up to their best potential, and let their owners realize their dreams. Together, the “dream team” examines all aspects, from location and product offering to marketing and customer service. They present concrete ideas to help businesses be their best.

[via Radio Marketing Nexus]

P.S. Doug from Trading Spaces also has a new show coming out this fall. They are looking for victims..I mean homeowners.