In 2010, Seth Godin asked people to make a list of what they shipped. I have been doing this exercise each year since then. You can see my past #YearInReview posts here. I continue to believe this reflection is one of the most important exercises I do all year.

  • Serving as Assistant Kanin and Board Chair at Dharma Rain Zen Center
  • Launching Your First Home with partners at KellerInk
  • Signing two new Bard Press books
  • Wrote New/Popular/Best columns, want to continue in 2023
  • Publishing 2022 Business Book of The Year meta-analysis with winner Stolen Focus by Johann Hari
  • Hosted summer intern at Bard Press
  • Conducted additional Magic Number research around early launch trajectory for successful business books
  • Ran three different ad campaign for The ONE Thing – New Year, New You, Back to School, and October-December
  • Read 27 books this year

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