The $140 Comic Book

CableBUILT_12_Week_Transformation_Program__Training__Nutrition__Supplementation__–_iambuiltWe all have notions in our heads for how much things cost.

Sometimes, they are right and sometimes, they can be very wrong.

I am a big fan of comic books, so I have a good sense that single issues cost around four dollars and the complied paperbacks are roughly seventeen dollars.

Would you pay $140 for a comic book?

On first thought, you probably wouldn’t.

Or you might if it was issue #1 collector’s edition signed by the artists.

I Am Built created a comic book to illustrate the 12 week training program that Josh Brolin used to prepare for his role as Cable in Deadpool 2. The comic book called CableBuilt covers staged workout routines and diet regiments for the program.

The description doesn’t say how long the book is or show any samples what it looks like inside.

So, would you pay $140 for that comic book?

With the right felt need, you might.

If you live at the intersection of gym rat and cosplay, you might.

P.S. Did I mention it is electronic? So it’s a $140 ebook.


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