What I Am Reading (and why i can’t tell you)

I started an effort at the beginning of of the year to read more books.

To keep myself accountable, I have been highlighting those books on the blog along with short reviews. You can find all the reviews here.

My pace has slowed up in the last three months. It became harder over the summer to find free time to sit down with a book. The kids were out of school. There was some travel. The temptation to be outside was pretty strong.

During that time, something else happened. Portfolio, the publisher of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, reached out to me and asked if we were interested in putting out an updated edition. We made some small tweaks when the paperback was released in 2011, but this time the thought was to update the list with some new titles. The selections for The 100 Best were made seven years ago and there are some great candidates for inclusion.

100 Best Cover

So, I am back to reading, but I can’t really say what. I want to wait to reveal the new books until we get closer to the new edition’s publication next year. So, I promise I am still reading and probably even more now. My new reviews are due at the end of January.

If I manage to fit in some other books, I will be sure to share them.

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