Project: The Buckstens 2014 Newspaper

2014 Buckstens Newspaper JPEGS

This year, our New Year’s card was a newspaper detailing the happenings of our family over the last year.

I started this project in 2013 and struggled to find material to fill the pages. I got myself to a half completed prototype and my commitment waned.

In December, I opened up the InDesign file again and decided to take another run at it. 2014 was a different year for us. There was so much more movement. I spent two weeks in Japan. As a family, we took at two week road to Colorado and back. There were hikes and crafts, friends and baseball. There was a kinetic nature to our year that could be more easily expressed on broadsheet pages.

This was also an experiment in publishing. You can now print books, magazines, and newspapers one copy at a time. I still find myself amazed by the fact. My first publishing project 10 years ago cost $10,000 to get the press started and get the first copy; the next 1499 copies were basically free. Today, that first copy costs $20.

Newspaper Club is this amazing company in the UK that produces newspapers in quantities 1 to 1000’s. I printed 100 copies of The Buckstens 2014 for $300 including the shipping from the UK.  I received them about 10 days after I placed the order. Amazing.

2014 Buckstens Newspaper JPEGS22014 Buckstens Newspaper JPEGS32014 Buckstens Newspaper JPEGS4

2014 Buckstens Newspaper JPEGS5

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