Seth Godin Uses Kickstarter to Launch New Book

This morning, Seth Godin launched his new book The Icarus Deception on Kickstarter.

The project has already raised over $100,000 with almost 1400 backers and sold over 4800 copies of the book in first seven hours.

The Icarus Deception will be published by a unnamed traditional publisher. Godin describes the book as a capstone for his books Linchpin, Tribes, and Poke The Box. Two other books are a part of this Kickstarter project: a new book from cartoonist Hugh MacLeod called V for Vulnerable based on the final part of Godin’s new book and a “best of” collection from Godin’s online work.

Many of the pledge levels have limits and several are already closed out or are close to being closed out. The first pledge level that closed was $200 that included letterpressed poster, 8 copies of The Icarus Deception, 2 copies of V for Vulnerable. The $22 level that included a single copy shipped anywhere in the world also sold out its 300 slots. A dozen people have pledged $655 for a a mystery box with limited, signed & “generally surprising stuff from the attic.” Five backers quickly snapped up a $1150 slot for the opportunity to have Seth interview them and have their stories included in the book.

Godin says in the description that the campaign is meant to send a signal to the publishing community about supporting the book, not maximize profits. He states in the video that his goal is to sell 10,000 copies through this effort.

In the past, business book publisher Portfolio, a division of Penguin, has published both Godin and MacLeod and would seem a likely candidate for publishing in this project.

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