Are They Ready?

Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live, said last week in the New York Times, “With a host, you have to be at the point where the applause won’t stop until he or she hits their mark.”

Authors need to understand acquisition editors are thinking the same thing as Lorne.

Publishers want authors that are recognizable to the audience they are going after.

Platform is about popularity.

And Seth is right about not needing to wait to be picked anymore, but there are still gatekeepers that can help you and they have their different yardsticks to measure you up with.

Do yourself a favor and start building a tribe today. I promise there are a handful of people who right now want to know what you are working on. I also know that they will tell others if you share with the tribe the things they need to hear.


2 thoughts on “Are They Ready?

  1. This is an excellent level setting compass to use as a lens if you are wanting to play in this space.  I am writing a book, and what you share here is a good kick for me to change my platform and immerse myself in my audience NOW!  Thank you for planting the seed.

  2. Right on all counts. The writer, (his personality, thoughts and voice) is an integral part of the package these days. A book is an extension of him and has to work as such which means he has to work to become the greater, not the lesser part of the book.

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