Announcing BizBookLab 2010

Publishing plays a pivotal role in the career of any expert.

In the past, books were the primary way to establish credibility and spread a message. In the last five years, the number of tools for spreading ideas has exploded, creating a new whole set of questions.

  • Do books still matter? What is the real potential for ebooks?
  • Should I pursue commercial publishing or self-publishing?
  • What are the best ways for me to leverage digital media?

To answer those questions, I am holding a two day event in Portland, Oregon on December 14th and 15th called BizBookLab.


Let me answer the questions you probably have about the event:

Who should attend BizBookLab?

Experts and thought leaders who primarily work with businesses. Both published authors and those planning their publishing strategy are invited to attend.

Who will be speaking?

I will be your lab instructor. I have worked in business book publishing for the last seven years and co-authored of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. Now, I help authors develop their own projects.

I have also asked a cool set of people to join us for the Lab – Ray Bard from Bard Press, Tim Grahl from Out:Think Group, Joshua Tallent of eBook Architects, and Tim Sullivan from Harvard Business Publishing .

What will be talked about?

The goal is to give each participant exposure to a wide variety of knowledge on the ever-changing landscape of publishing and help each attendee formulate the right combination of elements for their next step in publishing.

What might be some specific questions that will get answered?

  • What 3 questions do all great books answer?
  • What 4 questions journalists ponder when considering a review.
  • What 24 alternate forms your book can take?
  • Why are business books more like concert t-shirts than tomes of knowledge?
  • The difference between insights and ideas and why successful books need both?
  • How Publishers are like Venture Capitalists AND Authors Need to Act Like Entrepreneurs?
  • What are 5 Best Topics For A Business Book?
  • How Your Interests Are And Are NOT Aligned with The Publisher?
  • What ponds and oceans have to do with market segments in publishing?
  • How do I build a tribe of followers and successful launch my next project?
  • What ebook formats, devices and outlets matter than most as electronic publishing evolves?
  • What is the ABDCE structure and how can it improve my writing?

Can you give me an idea of what the two days will be structured like?

Sure. We will alternate between 60 minute sessions and 30 minutes breaks both days. My experience is that attendees want to spend as much time learning from and connecting with each other as they do hearing from "experts," so we give plenty for time for that.

The schedule will go something like this:

  • Tues Morning – Concept Development – Sticky Storytelling
  • Lunch – Onsite
  • Tues Afternoon – Idea Distribution – Author's Growing Tool Set for Publishing
  • Dinner – Clyde Commons
  • Tuesday Evening – PageTurn: A Set of Ideas About The Future of Publishing 
  • Wed Morning – Community Driven – Building The Tribe
  • Lunch – Checking out the Portland Food Truck Scene
  • Wed Afternoon – The Plan – What You Do Next?

When is the event again?

The BizBookLab takes place on December 14th and 15, 2010. That is Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.

Where is the event again?

We are holding it at an event space called The Cleaners in downtown Portland, Oregon.


Where should I stay?

Ace Hotel Portland is a great choice and next door to our venue.

Portland? December?

The choices were all practical. If you are a consultant, trainer, or speaker, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of only two times a year when things slow down. And yes, I am asking you to get on another plane, but instead of helping others, we are going to spend some important time thinking about what you should do next, the exact thing you are constantly advising clients to do.


As for Portland, I just moved here in August and the city is as awesome as it is billed. There will be no shortage of things to do and see while you are here.

What is the weather going to be like in Portland?

Daytime temps are in the 40's and the sky will likely be cloudy.

How much does BizBookLab cost?

The price for the first ten participants is $500, and $1000 thereafter.

The two day workshop costs $1000.

How do I purchase a seat?

The easiest way is by clicking on the PayPal button below.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch with me. You can call 503-616-3092 or email me toddsattersten at gmail (dot) com.

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