Without A Doubt

Leaving the company you love in pursuit of what you love during the worst economic conditions of the last seventy years can seem heroic or stupid depending on your point of view.

My friend Erika said, without a doubt, life would be better in a year.

We are at just past five months since my departure and she is right. It is certainly not perfect, but things are definitely going in the right direction.

Fixed to Flexible has done really well. I have a completed book proposal that you will be hearing about soon. And today I can talk about another piece that fits in really well with my new life.

About two months ago, the Spanish publisher Deusto approached me about scouting for them. They are one of the primary business book publishers in Spain and they wanted help determining what U.S. business books they should acquire the Spanish subsidiary rights to.

Working with Deusto is going to be fun. If you have been following me for any of the last several years, you know I really like business books. Getting another opportunity to use all of this crazy knowledge is very cool and it plays along perfectly my other new pursuits.

Things do work out; it’s just impossible to see ahead of time.


Scouting was a part of publishing that I knew only a little about before my current venture. Publishing Perspectives ran a great three part series back in December 2009 on the ins and outs of this “strange niche.”

Part 1: How It Works

Part 2: Scouting Changes with the Times

Part 3: What The Future Might Hold For Scouting

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