Book Review – The Little Big Things by Tom Peters

When 800-CEO-READ took over the stewardship of ChangeThis, our first order of business was to boost the profile of the site and we immediately contacted Tom Peters to see if he would contribute a new manifesto.

Tom had been working on a series of blog posts under the 100 Ways to Succeed banner and in 2005 we published the first 50 tips in a compilation manifesto and published the next 50 in a 2008 manifesto.

Tom kept writing, topping out at 176 tips, when Harper Studio contacted him about taking the tips and turning them into a book. The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence is the fruit of that effort.

To describe Little Big Things as collection of blog posts would be a terrible misnomer. The titling on each tip may, at one time, have resembled something else, but all of these were rewritten and edited and written again and edited some more.

I go through all of this trouble of explaining, because many are going to say that this is just a rehash of things they have heard from Tom before.

“Excellence is the subtitle for gosh sake!”

And the answer is yes. This is going to sound familiar.
The crazy acronyms are stamped throughout the book.
Exclamation marks abound.
That big chunky bold font appears on almost every page.
The book is classic Tom Peters.

“But is there anything new?”

No, and there doesn’t need to be.


Because we don’t listen…no, we don’t act, we don’t do anything differently than yesterday or last month or three years ago when everything was going fine.

We don’t hire the S.W.P.s (seriously weird people).
We don’t read enough.
We don’t serve people.
We don’t do enough WOW.
We don’t do enough NOW.
And there is always some lame reason why.

Tom has been always been about getting past the lame reason. If you don’t think there is anything holding back and you are only doing really cool stuff that everyone on the planet loves, Little Big Things is not for you.

If on the slightest chance, you could use someone to give you a little push, or you think reading something inspirational might help, then this book is for you.

My experience is that people fall into one of those two camps.
Find your camp.
You’ll know what to do.

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