“The 100 Best Business Books of The American CEO”

Today, I got in the mail two copies of the Japanese translation of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time from my good friends at Portfolio.

The Japanese title is “The 100 Best Business Books of The American CEO” (playing off the authors from business book retailer 800-CEO-READ).

Our Japanese publisher Kodansha has done a great job with the book. There was some concern initially about being able to include all 100 books because of translation costs and book length. And it is understandable, the Japanese version comes in at 516 pages versus the American version at 316 pages. I even went as far as developing a shorter list with a new table of contents. It is wonderful to see they decided to include all the selections.

There are some nice details. Kodansha maintained the “Where to Next?” section with the choose your own adventure feature. They assigned a number to each book to help with organization, providing the number in the table of contents and then in the page header. The best part though is the addition of the cover art from the Japanese versions of these books. They kept the American version at the front of the review and added the local versions at the end.

Authors always talk about how cool it is to see their books printed in other languages. I have to agree. It is WAY cool.


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