Today is the third birthday for A Penny For…

I remember when I started that APF was meant to be an outlet for my passion about business.  I often tell the story of how Amy just got sick and tired of me telling all of these "cool" business stories over dinner.  I figured blogging would be a great way to still tell the stories.  My goal was to find 50 people that shared my passion for business.

This blog got me a job with the best company of have ever worked for.
This blog created a book.
This blog built relationships with too many to name (and many I have never met in person).

After such as sappy start, I probably have you all thinking that this is end of my blogging.

It is not.

I am moving my blog though to  I just don’t have the technical skills to stay ahead of all the spam I am getting in the comments.  I am hoping that a hosted application will work better.

I also found that I like the Astronaut Projects brand a little better and I want to build the rest of my work around it.

So, join me over there.

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