Notational Velocity

If you are a Mac user, I want to strongly recommend Notational Velocity.

It is just an outstanding program for taking notes.

Cool parts of NV:

  1. Everything you type is automatically saved.
  2. All of your notes are immediately acessible in one place. I have teleconference instructions, to-do lists, and conference session notes.
  3. If you type words in the top box, it will search your notes and show you matches. That can help eliminate you starting another note for something you already have.

It is another example of a simple elegant app designed to do a simple set of things.

One thought on “Notational Velocity

  1. Good find. Smart. Intuitive. A great example of novelty and innovation in software. I wish M$ would use their infinite resources to innovate like this.

    That beining said, I am not sure where I can work it into my daily routine….

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