What are advertisers thinking?

As the football season approaches again, we undoubtedly see the rise in really bad advertising. JaffeJuice was talking about ads companies shouldn’t run and got me thinking more about this.

Yesterday, I saw my first Coors ad of the new season. It was playing off the famous Seinfeld episode “The Implant” (Terri Hatcher ends it with the line–“They’re real and they are spectacular”). It is amazing the difference context makes. I think the Coors ad is a bunch of sexist crap. What is sad is the ad is for a somewhat cool innovation – your 18 plastic bottles come in a plastic box, in which you can just throw ice and be ready to go.

My wife always telling me that I am not the target for those advertisements. She is right, but I think fewer people are willing to listen to messages like the one Coors to playing.