I got my cholesterol tested today and the overall number dropped almost 100 points.

Here is the comparison:

2/22/05 5/6/05
Overall 297 203
HDL 57 55
LDL 224 129
Tri-Gycl 157 97

How did I do it? I completely changed my diet.

  • I don’t eat any dairy (milk, butter, cheese, or ice cream) any more.
  • I eat alot more fruits and vegetables
  • I try to eat only whole grains
  • I have oatmeal with flaxseed for breakfast
  • I eat alot more legumes, mostly in soups and hummus
  • If I snack, I eat nuts
  • I eat fish once or twice a week

With the shock I had with my original reading, I had no idea what would happen. I am experiencing a similar (and more pleasant) shock this time.

The dietician explained you get the biggest drop in the first month or two and that it continues to fall slowly over the next several of months. I am going to have it tested again in August.

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