And one more thing…

I was reminded of one more ironic quote in the WSJ piece.

“You hire some bloggers to come in , and you give them a list of 10 talking points, and it becomes nothing more than a spin machine,” says Todd Copilevitz, director of digital initiatives for Omnicom Group’s Tracy-Locke. “Those are ultimately going to be derided as sellouts or as commercial.”

This should have followed his quote:

Mr. Copilevitz should know something about sellouts and commercialism. At Richards Interactive, he was heavily involved in the Raging Cow Debacle in early 2003, when Dr. Pepper/ 7-Up enlisted young teen bloggers to speak favorable about their new flavored milk product. This upset the blogging community to the point where some called for boycotts of the product since there was no disclosure that these bloggers had a relationship or been briefed by company or their agency.

If you are not familiar with the whole Raging Cow thing, there is a great summary at Business Blog Consulting that includes an interview with Copilevitz.

Again, can we find better sources?

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