I was returning to normal. Blood pressure was falling. I thought I would be back to blogging in a day or two.

And then I saw the blogging article in the Wall Street Journal. It is titled Corporate Blogging Get a Chance. I saw some people referencing it last night and I made sure to find it this morning.

Let me start by saying that this article is under the regular Advertising column that runs in WSJ. BLOGGING IS NOT ADVERTISING!

Vespa gets alot of ink in the article:

In a move that runs counter to current popular notions of how the so-called blogosphere ought to operate, Piaggio Group, the Italian manufacturer of Vespa scooters, intends to launch two blogs written by U.S. Vespa owners. Piaggio views the blogs as extensions of traditional scooter clubs, in which enthusiasts of the vehicles gather to discuss issues and ideas, says Paolo Timoni, chief executive of Piaggio USA.

Did you catch the ‘intends’ part? Piaggio is a client of Cooper-Katz and is working with Steve Rubel, the current Superman for corporate blogging.

So, Rubel got Piaggio a huge PR placement in WSJ for SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST YET!!!!

Attention Journalists: I would be more than happy to talk to you about companies who are actually blogging now. There are great stories out there about things that are already happening.

Again, this is not about Steve or Piaggio. That is just a firm serving a client.

It’s the hype and the media is reporting as news.

I’ll be off for a few more days… 🙂