Zach Braff on Writing

This is off the very popular Garden State Blog by actor Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State):

So, first of all- thank you all from all over the world for all the wonderful things you’ve been posting about GS, Scrubs, yourselves etc. I feel so lucky to be able to have this direct line of communication with my fans. I love it when you guys share personal stories from your own lives. So many of you ask me about writing, just skim through the comments and you’ll see thousands of stories to write about. All I did was sit down and write about what I was feeling in my own life. What bothers you, what makes you laugh, what do you obsess about, what makes your stomach turn, what do you lust over? – just sit down and write about those things. That’s what’s universally interesting; those are the kinds of movies I like to go see: regular people in real life situations, dealing with emotions and worries I can relate to. Also, think about starting very simply; don’t overwhelm yourself trying to think about the whole movie; write a scene between two people, then write what happens after that, then what happens after that. Don’t get boggled down worrying about outlines and rules, just tell a bunch of stories that happen to the same group of people. And try (for lack of a better expression) keeping it real. There’s a saying I really like to think about when I’m writing: “Don’t do that, they do that in movies.” Anytime I find myself writing something that feels nowhere close to reality, I try to stop and reign it back to what’s true for me. Blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to offer up a couple of thoughts since so many have you have asked about it.

Thanks to Halley for reminding me of his blog and pulling this piece out.

Here was my thought in July.

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  1. Hi Todd – I have / had no idea who Zach is, yes, I guess I live on Mars. So I cruise over to his blog and see his comment section numbers in the thousands?????? Boy am I a pup. Here I thought people who had comments numbering in the twenties were insanely popular.

    I have stated on my own blog that it isn’t about the amount of comments that we get – its just this whacks my sense of proportion into orbit.

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