Skype Billing Disappointing Me

I have been working on a good way to record phone interviews for 800-CEO-READ Podcasts. I liked the solution that Glen Fleishman posted at It involves lots of software, but I think it is going to work great.

One of the pieces of that puzzle is using Skype for the phone connection. I don’t expect that all the authors I talk to are going to have Skype (requires download), so I signed up for SkypeOut (this let’s me make call to phone grid). I made my payment on Thursday. The transaction shows completed, but they credits are not showing up in my Skype application. I have been on the live chat three times and the best answer I can get is wait awhile and log back in.

A Feedster search finds many with the billing problems. Unbound Spiral has been talking about Skype alot. This post talks about the billing problems with Skype.

So, I am in a holding pattern on my project. Grrr….