The conversion is almost complete

I found myself watching the MacWorld Keynote as soon as it was posted.

I was laughing at all of Steve’s clever quips.

I was ooing and aahing at the clever effects that they have built into the new products.

I told my wife that the Mac mini was our next home computer.

The conversion is almost complete.

2 thoughts on “The conversion is almost complete

  1. I, too, watched the speech and giggled. My husband likes his Mac technology BIG – dual processors, huge screens, gigas and gigas. I like my technology small. I love my ibook, and now I must have the ipod shuffle. Less is more.

    The iwork is appealing too, and it looks like Tiger is going to be great.

  2. I made the switch just over 1 year ago and I find myself loving it more and more everyday. I have owned an iPod for 2 years and now I am working on justifying a iPod Shuffle!

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