Tax Tribulations

I have always been a TurboTax guy. I find it amazing how they have simplified a very complex process.

With the creation of Astronaut Projects, LLC this past year, I thought it might be time to seek professional help. I put a post up looking for a little help and didn’t get much of a response. So, we’ll running errands yesterday stopped by a local CPA. I stepped into the office and asked if I could set-up an appointment to see in accountant. The front desk person asked what I wanted to talked about and I said I think I need some help doing my taxes this year. She suggested I gather all my materials and do my taxes all in one meeting.

The trouble was that I wanted to meet the person who was going to help me. I wanted to see if I liked them. I wanted to thin-slice them and see if they were competent. I wanted to start a relationship.

After consulting my free agent friend Cathy, I regained my confidence and bought TurboTax Premier today. I went the Premier because it gives extra help on the Schedule C, which is where I am going to need it. I should also mention that my mom is a corporate controller and we have a great friend who manages money for very wealthy people. I am betting I can get help if I need it.

As an aside, I bought my copy at OfficeMax today. It was being sold at the suggested retail price of $69.95. There is a $20 mail-in rebate in the box. Also, if you buy the Deluxe or Permier version by Friday, Officemax will give you a $20 giftcard. Did I mention that you get the State TurboTax and e-filing for free? I didn’t see this one on SlickDeals.