Branding and Blogging

All this talk about branding lately.

James Tauber says:

Recently, Doc Searls made the observation that the companies known for their brand don’t have nearly as many bloggers.

I was all ready to embrace this meme that blogging and branding were opposing when I stopped and thought—hang on, Tom Peters blogs. Tom, more than any other person taught me the power of the personal brand.

Then it dawned on me. Blogging builds your personal brand. Perhaps people that (are good at or want to) build their personal brand don’t sit well in companies that have a strong corporate brand.

I like James’ thoughts. I think he is exactly right. Blogs only work if they are written by people who have identities. Over time, those identities become brands. Apple wants you to think about the Steve Jobs brand or maybe Jonathan Ive brand, not a program manager developing the next release of Mail. I agree with Mr. Ruebel. Apple is not going to have people blogging any time soon.

Why is the assumption that bloggers will distract and not enhance these mighty brands?

How much longer can companies keep employees from doing this very natural thing of talking customers?

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