It’s hard

There is lots of buzz about the Mazada psuedo-blog [the site has been taken down].

I agree with everyone else. It doesn’t work.

My first thought was to say that corporate blogging is hard, but that is not true. It really isn’t that hard. There is no lead-time needed before you can do it. There is no technology barrier.

Maybe, it is hard for companies to talk to people. Without the veneer. Without the lawyers and message makers in between.

Companies don’t need an ad agency to figure out how to talk to people. You do need to decide how you are going to go to market, but then talk to people. If you are trying to figure out to talk to them, you are thinking too much.

[End Rambling]

3 thoughts on “It’s hard

  1. Todd, you’re a natural. But it is hard if you come from the traditional, broadcast media mindset and now have to get your head around a new way – albeit one that should be as natural as breathing – to communicate, market and sell. Having an authetic one-on-one human conversation is harder than one thinks – witness all the couples counseling.

    I think you will see that kids that were weaned on networked media will be leading marketing campaigns in the future – and a few of us old farts that fell in love with it.

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  3. Can Corporations kill the Blogging Star?

    I’m behind the curve on this corporate blogging thing… but fast forward a few years and imagine a world where corporations, with all their knowledge, start talking with customers as opposed to talking to them. There could be a day where Research In Motion, and all their knowledge about convergant devices, starts talking about how cool the new Motorola MPX is… one would hope that the folks who work for them (or PalmOne with the Treo) are as big gadget geeks as the people who buy their products. Imagine the cool posts from industry insiders talking about the future of these devices…

    If a car company were smart they’d talk about cars in general. Forget Mazda, talk about cool, one-day driving getaways… winterizing a car… reviews of aftermarket car stereos… the best tires for rain/snow/summer… getting out of a speeding ticket… what to look for when buying a used car… safe driving tips… car options that increase insurance premiums….

    All that off the top of my head, and I don’t work in the auto industry…

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