BNL doing the same

Delia was nice enough to leave a comment saying that Barenaked Ladies is doing the same thing with their concerts. You can download any concert they have performed in the last year or so.

I am a huge BNL fan. I have seen them live in Milwaukee three or four times. I missed their concert a few weeks ago, because of my trip to San Fran.

I just got done downloading the 138MB .mp3 file of the concert I missed. I am listening to Brian Wilson right now. It is so worth the $11.99 to hear what I missed.

One thought on “BNL doing the same

  1. So the little pennies and lambchops can decide which concert they wish to download, they should visit the tour song tracker and pick the set list they like the best. The Ladies Room (the fanclub) is speculating about a winter tour that could be announced after this tour wraps up this week.

    I had a funny feeling you were a chinese chicken fan, and that’s why I left the note. St. Louis was my second BNL concert this year and fourth overall, and it was the best yet. Steve especially seemed to be in a better mood than he was this spring – he’s lost at least 15 pounds.

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