Another Perspective

Noah Fields was nice enough to link to and comment on my Corporate Religion book review over at 800-CEO-READ. I wanted to share the introduction from his post:

Most business blogs are almost solely comprised of links to other blogs mixed in with occaisonal content. What usually happens is one person will post a decent article and everybody else decides to link to that post in their blogs. I guess all the yuppy entrepreneurs don’t like to have their genious innovative abilities taxed on a real blog of their own.

Seeing as its a fad, I decided to jump aboard the link train with this post. You may argue that this is not correct, because I’m usually not regarded as an innovative genious. Therefore I cannot theoritcally become a member of this fad, or… elite “link-group”, if you will. But hey, why not at least try and fit in with the preps? The worst that can happen is nobody will ever read my blog..[.]

Linking is an important part of blogging. It helps show the value of an idea. I think there is also a timing piece to linking. Because everyone has a slightly different audience reading a differing time intervals, it helps connect people with good thoughts. Links often continue the conversation with that blogger’s thoughts on the original post.

I also want to say that Noah makes a good point about content. As more and more people enter this space, the importance of original content is going to grow. People are not going to read blogs that just link to other blogs. I don’t think we have reached that point yet, but it is something to think about.

Noah – thanks for the thoughts and hopefully a few folks will check your site out.