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It has been a little over a year since I started doing this. It has been wonderful to see so many new voices join the conversation. I can only guess what it will be like in another year from now.

Some things are going to change here in the next year. I am going to talk more about myself and my life. When I started, I thought it was important to maintain anonymity. I thought there may be consequences to keeping a record of my thoughts and opinions which could be googled at any moment.

There have been consequences-wonderfully positive consequences. The book tour has pulled together a wonderful community of bloggers and introduced me to so many new people. I have had numerous phone conversations with fellow bloggers where we exchanged ideas and help each other find our way. I even get paid to blog now. What could be better?

So a little more about myself. My name is Todd Sattersten (are last names that important?) and I live outside Milwaukee with my wife and 1 year old boy. There will be more stories to share. For now, enjoy the family photo from our trip to France in Feburary.

2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. It’s funny that you bring this up today. I was having a conversation earlier with someone about how the tone of my blog has changed over the last couple of weeks. Where before I was posting strictly about news and information, my posts have become a bit more personal and contain more of my opinions. It was not an intentional thing, but I think to be an effective blogger, your personality (and therefore to some degree, your personal life and beliefs) must come through. For me it seems to be a natural progression as I blog more.

    BTW, that’s a nice looking family you have there.

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