Essays from KaosPilot A-Z

Scattered among the pages are essays by various friends of the school. Some of the authors you will recognize, but what’s better is that many of them you won’t.

Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find:

  • “Sharing Makes Us Bigger” – Ketan Lakahani, South Africa
  • “F$@# Heirarchy, Give Me The Gestalt” – Richard Stanley, Finland
  • “The Corporate Chaplain” – Steen Hindebrandt, Denmark
  • “Willing To Be Disturbed” – Margaret Wheatley, USA
  • “Time And Again I Asked” – Dee Hock, USA
  • “The Grassroots Entreprenuer” – Anita Roddick, UK
  • “Dr. Michael Copass and The Four Square Mode”l – Andy Stefanovich, USA
  • “Black Box” – Wy Wong, Hong Kong

I wanted to quote this passage from Andy Stefanovich, founder and director of Richmond, VA- based Play. I think this captures one aspect of what making blogging so wonderful. He tell the story of Dr. Michael Copass and Medic One, the country’s first medical emergency response system:

The Medic One story now serves as a point of inspiration for other people who may not have known about this development to create new ideas. The very fact that you have read this paragraph and have been affected by the story make you part of the collective consciousness. And the process will continue.